U.S. Senatorial Candidate Bruce Fenton Publicly Supports Bitcoin (BTC)

« I choose Bitcoin as my preferred money. » Crypto has become increasingly powerful in the political scenario, as political groups backed by wealthy crypto investors have scored some key wins in the 2022 midterm primaries. Not many candidates have spoken or shown support to any form of crypto, unlike Fenton. According to Fenton, people haven’t needed politicians to tell them what money is throughout human history.

«For thousands of years, people have figured it out, whether it’s gold or silver or Bitcoin, and the fact is that our money right now is broken. » .

Fenton Calls Out Opponent Maggie Hassan

Fenton held Hassan responsible for her statements on crypto, claiming that «crypto is for drug sales, ransomware attacks, tax evasion, terrorism etc.» Fenton also pointed out that Hassan asked for more stringent requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges, kiosks, and OTC trading desks.

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