Ripples of Bitcoin adoption at Biarritz’s Surfin Bitcoin Conference in France

In a touch of bear market irony, as the Bitcoin chips are currently way down, the event venue took place at the illustrious Biarritz Casino. From Bitcoin Core maintainers and European royalty to, naturally, CEOs from the largest French crypto companies, the vibe was distinctly French, albeit with a fizzy international influence. Bitcoin maximalism was on full display. Panelists and moderators had carte blanche to slamdunk on shitcoiners as hotly anticipated debates compared crypto venture capitalists to gamblers and boasted the merits and queried the limitations of Bitcoin’s layer-2 Lightning Network.

Representatives from Aave and various crypto decentralized autonomous organizations expressed their admiration for Bitcoin but held true to their vision of a multicoin future. Timestamping would make education easier, he explained, and it’s also Satoshi Nakamoto’s way of explaining mining in the Bitcoin white paper. Similarly, during the Lightning Network panel, Blockstream’s Christian Decker, also known as Dr. Bitcoin, described the Lightning Network as an «ant network.» In essence, he explained, the LN behaves like an ant colony. The usual Bitcoin t-shirts and merchandise could also be purchased for sats.

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