Former blockchain skeptic David Rubenstein discloses investments in crypto companies

Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein acknowledged on Sept. 2 that he has invested personally in a number of crypto companies, and is optimistic about the industry’s path to regulation in the United States. Speaking with CNBC’S Squawk Box on Thursday, the billionaire said he believes that government regulation will be positive for the industry, and that the U. «The industry is not likely to be soft when dealing with members of Congress». Previously skeptical about cryptocurrencies, Rubenstein reportedly changed his mind months ago.

He told the Colossus’ podcast, «I have not bought cryptocurrencies, but I have bought companies that service the industry because I think the genie is out of the bottle». «In December 2020, blockchain infrastructure provider Paxos raised $142 million in Series C funding led by Declaration Partners, an investment adviser to Rubenstein’s family office. Rubenstein co-founded the Carlyle Group in 1987.

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