Top 10 Mobile Applications for Crypto Trading and Exchange in 2022

As interest in crypto trading continues to soar, traders tend to look out not just for the most trusted trading application to use but also one that is user-friendly with superb benefits.


With over 1 million clients and 350 global institutions on board, BlockFi is arguably one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in the emerging crypto industry. Some of its features include a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, and earn from the platform’s extensive earning initiatives, such as the BlockFi partner program, referral program, and its most recent addition, the BlockFi Crypto Card. Particularly, users of crypto cards can get an unlimited 1.5% in the form of cryptocurrency as cash back on all transactions made using the card. Interestingly, unlike most collateralized lending protocols, users conveniently borrow funds against their crypto assets which they can continue to hold until the end of their repayment plan.


In the same vein, Bitfinex features are tailored to serve these categories of users based on preference. In its drive to give users the ultimate cryptocurrency trading experience, Bitfinex provides state-of-the-art trading instruments, including those mentioned earlier, alongside an innovative technology that makes crypto trading hassle-free. In addition, Bitfinex provides API solutions for corporate entities and developers who wish to integrate their own products on the platform. Lastly, Bitfinex’s native token – UNUS SED LEO- is designed to empower the Bitfinex community, who can leverage the digital currency to maximize the trading platform’s output and capabilities.


Based in Luxembourg, Bitstamp is one of the longest-standing crypto exchanges, having started back in 2011, barely two years after Bitcoin was launched. Another highlight of Bitstamp is that it renders professional services both for «institutions» who can enjoy enterprise-level access to the crypto market and «pro traders» who can also enjoy time-proven stability, inexhaustible liquidity, and industry-leading API connectivity. Bitstamp also provides exclusive earning benefits to people who own and stake cryptocurrency on the platform.


Interestingly, unlike most crypto trading exchanges on this list, eToro allows users to engage multiple asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, CFD, and fiat currencies, among other markets. Other major highlights of eToro include the possibility for traders to stake in liquidity reserves, enjoy 0% commission on stocks with investment insurance, and participate in various investor programs.


Not only does Bitby allow users to buy and trade crypto assets leveraging an ultra-fast matching engine, it also offers various earning programs to boost individual trader’s portfolios.

FTX Exchange

Arguably the fastest-growing crypto exchange, FTX exchange, with a valuation surpassing $32 billion, is currently the second-largest exchange after Binance. Crypto. Ranked as the best mobile application for crypto exchange/trading by Investopedia and other reputable sites, Crypto. The crypto exchange, which currently boasts more than 50 million users, essentially offers two categories of services.

The first, which doubles as a fundamental category, enables users to buy and sell crypto and NFTs and make payments using the app’s dedicated payment portal alongside its Visa card, which offers up to 5% cash back on all purchases. In addition to the fundamental offerings, users can also grow their portfolios through the platform’s earning programs, which pay as much as 14.5% per annum on non-stable crypto assets and 10% on stablecoins. Lastly, crypto.

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