Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary Buys the Bitcoin Dip — Says Crypto ‘Desperately Needs Policy’

Kevin O’Leary shared his crypto market outlook and investment strategy during this bear market in an interview with Stansberry Research, published Thursday. «There has been a knee-jerk reaction against bitcoin miners lately because of ESG concerns but they’re also self-correcting by getting into nuclear and hydropower, which you know is plentiful in some countries like Norway,» O’Leary explained.

The Shark Tank star continued

Now crypto itself desperately needs policy. « dollar». « Let’s just do payment systems, just like a credit card, a visa card, or a money market fund, which has very limited flexibility in terms of what you can hold it. » That’s a signal to the market that we’re starting to break open the logjam on policy-making, and I’m very very optimistic.

O’Leary was also asked about his own crypto investments and what strategy he has been using during this bear market.

We took advantage of the extreme volatility and the large-cap names like ETH and bitcoin.

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