China Top Ten Country With Lowest Growth Rate

In terms of the growth rate for blockchain talent globally, the study determined India to be the highest-ranked country with a growth rate of 122%. Canada is next with 106%, while Singapore is in third place with a growth rate of 92%. In Nigeria, the blockchain talent growth rate was 81%, the fourth-highest globally and the highest in Africa. Among the top ten global blockchain talent-gathering countries, China had the least growth, at 12%.

Gap in Demand for Tech Talent

Concerning the composition of talent in the blockchain industry, the Linkedin/OKX study found finance talent to have the highest proportion of people, at 19%. Engineering talent accounts for the next highest proportion at 16%. Business development, IT, and sales talent complete the top five list with proportions of 6% each.

«There is currently a large gap in demand for technical talent in the global blockchain talent pool. Up until June 2022, in terms of job postings, engineering talent tops the global demand for blockchain talent, followed by IT talent. » .

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