Qatari National Blockchain Blueprint Spotlights Benefits of the Technology to Country’s Economy

A blueprint jointly drafted by Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority and two learning institutions, Hamad Bin Khalifa University and Qatar University, seeks to spotlight how blockchain «can contribute to building an innovative and growing IT sector» in the country. Citing Qatar’s small population and size, the document argues the country is well placed to become one of the leading countries in fostering blockchain innovations. However, before attaining its status as one of the biggest blockchain hubs globally, Qatar still needs to create an enabling environment for the technology to flourish.

Bolstering Qatar’s Competitiveness With Blockchain

Meanwhile, the country’s Communications Regulatory Authority has said stakeholders and members of the public interested in reviewing the blockchain blueprint must submit their feedback via email before September 15.

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Source: Terence Zimwara | Bitcoin .com

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